Combined machine for filling open mouth bags, buckets and drums - suitable for free-flowing products such as pellets, pesticides, chemicals.

By using different filling spouts or accessories one machine can fill various bunches. Our example shows filling of open mouth bags, buckets, drums with cover or drums with bung hole. The machines cover many different ranges of weight and filling can be done according to MID directive. The machine shown below fills bunches of 10 up to 250 kg. Machine parameters are:

Capacity: up to 200 bags/h (25 kg)
               up to 20 drums/h (250 kg)
               up to 100 buckets/h (50 kg)
Filling range: 10...250 kg (adjustable)
bunches: open mouth bags, buckets, drums


  • frame of mild steel
  • product guiding parts in stainless steel
  • system for various changeable spouts and adapter tubes
  • weighing electronics calibratable according to EU-directive MID


  • frame of stainless steel
  • changeable filling spout for different types of bunches
  • vibrator at product guiding parts to avoid caking
  • bag chair (adjustable, with lifting device and vibrator)
  • hygienic design for food and pharmaceutical application
  • ATEX-conform design

VSDSS 600x338

Combined filling machine VBDSSA for bags bucket and drums