Since 1924, Vollenda-Werk GmbH has been a renown supplier of scales, bagging and filling machines in many different industries and applications. We manufacture equipment for the bagging of bulk materials or filling of liquids. We maintain a wide range of products in order to be able to supply the best solution for our customers and their requirements. We design and manufacture simple semi automatic machines up to complete fully automatic lines.


Our design department enables us to respond to customer requirements quickly as we make adjustments or implement special design ideas.  As a company we have both experience in efficient management of small projects for individual packing machines and in realization of complete packaging lines, where we integrate different filling machines with conveyor systems, palletizing or integrate process equipment in our supply as a general contractor.


Over the years we have also gathered a wealth of experience to handle difficult products. Many of our systems are suitable for explosive products or handle toxic material or are suitable for hygienic production in the food or pharmaceutical industry.  Therefore, we know explosion protection regulations and have implemented hygienic requirements in the food or pharmaceutical production. We have exported our machines to all parts of the world and continue to familiarise ourselves with regulations in different countries and regions.


For our systems , we offer a worldwide service and a long-term supply of spare parts. In part this service is carried out by agents or by our specialists sent from our factory.  In addition we use remote login into the control systems of our lines to help our customers and ensure short response times.


Our company is known for its reliable products, its innovative solutions and its dedicated employees who are persistently looking for the best solutions for our customers.  Due to the continuous improvement of our systems and internal processes, we hope to offer our customers state of the art products and services that meet the increasing demands of the markets.  We design, build and test our systems in our factory in Bavaria, Germany.    Vollenda-Werk GmbH has its own mechanical as well as electrical design and manufacturing because we believe only the integration of both leads to clever and reliable solutions.  Parts that we can not produce ourselves are bought from what we regard as the best local suppliers.  In our machines we use standard pneumatic, electrical, machine parts, and components from reputable and reliable suppliers that can be purchased around the globe.


We hope that we can give you an idea of what we can do for you on our web site.  However, we cannot include every machine or module on our web page so if you don't find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our sales department will be delighted to help you.