Vollenda-Werk GmbH offers world wide support and a long term supply of spare parts and retrofits.

Installation / Commissioning

Qualified engineers of Vollenda-Werk GmbH support the customer during installation and adjustment of complete lines and components.  The commissioning and the fine-tuning of our lines at the customer's site is done by well trained Vollenda-Werk personnel.


Our machines are designed as simple and intuitive to help operators to run them. To avoid damage to man and machine the operators of our customers can get extensive training by our specialists.  After the training the operating personnel of our customers are able to do fine adjustments on the machines, work with parameters settings and are even able to do basic maintenance work.

Vollenda-Werk GmbH offers its customers the possibility of retraining to repeat and strengthen the knowledge or our customers.

The change of operating personnel also requires training. This is also offered by Vollenda-Werk GmbH.


Vollenda-Werk GmbH supports customers during calibration of the scales. Whether it is an initial calibration after installation or a recalibration.

Servicing / maintenance contracts

We offer service and mainenance contracts to our customers to ensure that our trained and qualified technicians help to maintain the machines for a long time and keep them productive.  We make sure that the machines are regularly looked after so that wear and tear parts can be replaced on time and damage to the machines is minimised.  Interested? We would be delighted to make an offer for your specific needs.

Spare parts

Vollenda -Werk GmbH offers its customers a worldwide spare part supply. The customer can look up the part numbers of the items that need to be replaced in the documentation of the machine.  With this information we can make a quick offer.

To ensure the lowest down times we recommend a number of spare parts to our customers that must, should or could be kept in stock.

Remote maintenance / Teleservice

All systems of Vollenda-Werk GmbH can be equipped with a modem or an ethernet interface for remote access. This enables our technicians to assist the customer in the analysis of process or operating errors by looking into the machines' plc.  The customer can decide at any time to grant or withdraw the access to the machine.

Telephone service

The customers of Vollenda-Werk GmbH can get telephone support during normal office hours to help with all aspects of running our machines.


 Vollenda -Werk GmbH offers its customers a wide variety of service in this area for instance:

  • Expansion of facilities (eg capping, conveying, palletizing , etc.)
  • Modernization of plant areas, component or system controls (eg change dosing, change weighers, install new plc or hmi, supply new format parts, bag spout, etc.)
  • Increase the level of automation