Firmengründer Michael Siegburg

  • Vollenda-Werk GmbH looks back onto a long history.  In 1924 The company was founded by Michael Siegburg in München Aubing.  The picture on the right shows him next to one or the automatic mechanical weighers



















Vollenda Waage  alt 434x538

  • He aimed to build the 'perfect' weigher and this should also be reflected by the name 'VOLLENDA' ( vollenden can be be translated with to complete or to accomplish).  With nearly 50 patents for weighers and filling machines VOLLENDA got know around the world.  On the right you can see an automatic mechanical weigher for totalising which had a pneumatically driven dosing flap and hopper gate.  That was high tech at the time.














Vollenda Gebude  1953 481x331

  • One of the first company buildings in the Pretzfelder Straße München Aubing is shown here from which machines were delivered all over the world.















Vollenda Werkshalle alt 406x287

  • In the 60s and 70s VOLLENDA produced its weighers in small series as shown in this picture of the production hall. 















 Fischbein model d 338x486

  • In 1953 the product portfolio was extended with bag closing equipment.  The picture shows one of the first data sheets for a hand sewing machine.  Today the bag closing equipment is represented by the company VVT Vollenda Verschließtechnik a subsidiary of VOLLENDA.















  • In 1983 Florian und Frieder Pfister took over the company from the founder.  They transformed the company from being manly a supplier of weighers to an internationally oriented supplier of bagging and filling lines for bulk products


  • By purchasing the company CE-GE in 1985 the product profolio was extend to liquid filling lines


Bild 2

  •  In December 1998 the company moved to its "new" location in Kaltenberg a village at the outscirts of Munich.  The then "new" building is shown here.













  • 2007 the 3rd Generation of owners joined the company.  Since then the company is directed by, Matthias Wille, one of the owners of VOLLENDA.


VOLLENDA is constantly evolving thanks to the dedicated and competent employees. We are therefore confident to be able to continue the successful history of our company in the coming decades.