Fully automatic bucket-filling machines are used for construction material, coatings, colours and food. The machine operator puts the buckets as well as bucket covers into the machine stackwise. The buckets are separated and guided to filling continuously or in cycles. Filling is done in net weight or gross weight. Dosing is chosen depending on product. The filled buckets are covered automatically.  Machine parameters are:

Capacity: up to 1400 buckets/h
Filling range: 1...10 kg (adjustable)


  • carbon steel machine frame
  • bucket filling with net weigher or gross weigher
  • bucket separating with storage of bucket stacks
  • cover carrier with double cover magazine
  • covering is done continuously or in cycles
  • filling almost dust-free
  • product guiding parts in stainless steel


  • stainless steel machine frames and housing
  • bucket separator
  • bucket labeling
  • bucket palletizing
  • vibrator at the filling point
  • vibrator at product guiding parts to avoid stickings
  • hygienic design for food and pharmaceutical use
  • ATEX-conform design

Eimer 1 600x337

Pail denester with buffer belt


Eimer 2 600x337

Pail alignment and distribution to two filling spouts