The hot-sealing machines are suitable for the save sealing of pouches and bags of plastic, aluminum-coated material, coated paper and different composite materials. Combined with a conveyor belt they can easily be subsequently integrated in a bagging machine. For operation, the machines only need an electrical connection. An additional supply of compressed air is only needed if edge of the bags requires cooling.


The bag is placed in the machine supply, there is taken by the belt and led through the closing system. The integrated heating elements heat up a strip of bag material, which is compressed for the final closing by pressure rolls.


  • Micro processed temperature monitoring and digital display protection IP54
  • Enough room above the closing
  • Exchangeable profile pressure rolls
  • Adaptable closing speed via frequency converter
  • Machine housing made of stainless steel
  • No external air supply necessary
  • Quick access
  • Quick and easy to cleanr

Technical data (general)

  • Standard speed 6,2 – 14,1 m/min
  • Optional 2,7 – 6,1 or 9,7 – 22,2 m/min
  • Controllable via frequency converter
  • Sealing seam (width 6 - 18,5 mm) ,crimped or flat (depending on the sealing design)
  • Direction of rotation right/left or left/right (optional)


  • Electrical height-adjustable column
  • Edge trimmer
  • Edge cleaning
  • Stainless steel design V4a IP54
  • Bag coding
  • Bag evacuation (for granules only)
  • Protection IP66 (Washdown)

These machines are offered with three different processes, hot-air sealing, band sealing and radiant sealing.




Heating power



Hot air sealing



1600 W

3200 W

For flat pouches and bags of PE and and other heat-sealable materials.

Ambient air is blown via an installed blower through specially-shaped heating nozzles. Closing is done by 6 mm wide pressure wheels

Band sealing





1000 W

2000 W

3000 W

4000 W

For pouches and bags of PE, paper with PE-inliner and other sealable compound material. Also suitable for bags with gussets.

Self-aligning heating elements lead the heat through moving teflon tapes. These tapes are very heat-conductive and touch the material to be sealed. Teflon-tapes and transport belts are synchronized Closing is done by 14 mm wide pressure wheels.

Radiant sealing



800 W

1600 W

Paper with PE-inliner and other heat-sealable compount material.

Heating elements radiate the heat direct to the bag material to the sealable inner layer. Closing is done by 18,5 mm wide pressure wheels.