VVT Verschließtechnik offers high quality consumables for sewing systems

Bag sewing thread

Mixed fibres threads
Polyester threads
Sealing threads
oiled or dry


  • highest quality
  • highest strength
  • without knots
  • suitable for hand held systems or automatic sewing systems
  • coil weight (dry) from 200 g to 7 kg
  • coil weight (geölt) from 300 g to 11 kg


Sewing crepe tape

specially produced for hand helds and sewing systems


  • natural colour
  • bleached white
  • coloured tape available
  • different width
  • available in different roll sizes


Needles, oils and detergents for sewing systems

to ensure that the machines run at their best


  • High quality machine oil for sewing heads
  • High quality machine oil for hand helds
  • Needles made of high quality steel for hand helds and sewing heads