Fully automatic liquid filling line with excentric screw pump for mineral fertiliser, pesticides, herbicides, ketchup, fruit sauce, oil, chemicals etc..  On this line cans, jerrycans and bottles of different sizes can be filled volumetrically with an accuracy of +-0,5%.  The containers are placed on the infeed table by an operator.  From there the conatiners are automatically fed into the machine where they are filled, closed with a screw cap and labelled.  The finished containers run onto a collecting table from where the operators takes them and puts them into boxes or places them directly onto a pallet.


The line is made up of the following components:

  • Infeed table
  • Fully automatic filling machine with excentric screw pumps
  • Fully automatic capper with sorter
  • Elevator with buffer hopper for caps
  • Labelling unit for two sides for round bottles and cans
  • Collection table

Gebindeausführung: Kanister / Flaschen

Containers:  Jerry cans / bottles

Filling nozzles: 1-12

Accuracy: +/- 0,5%

Filling volumes: 500 - 20.000 ml

Capacity: up to 4000 units/h