Once again Vollenda-Werk GmbH demonstrates high flexibility and ability to find innovative solutions.

This application is a major project in the food industry for producing powdered milk, i.e. for baby food with highest demand in hygienic.

Meeting customer’s demand characterises this machine. After filling, the big bags have to be loaded in a maritime container by using the full capacity of space. Therefore, the product is filled in big bags with special sizes, 910 x 910 x 2400 mm (depth x width x height).

The real process of inertisation is done inside the weighing hopper. This process is very time-consuming and in order to achieve an output of at least 14 big bags/hour, the filling is done in batch operation at two filling stations. For this, we have provided a separate net weighing hopper per filling station. While inertisation is done in one hopper, the other hopper is used for emptying the weighing hopper and for filling the big bag. Blowing-up the big bag is done by nitrogen. The product is also covered with nitrogen during filling of the big bag. As a result an oxygen content of < 2% within the big bag is reached in the entire product.

The big bags have plastic inliners. In order to get a gas-tight lock, this inliner has to be sealed thermally. Therefore, every filling station is equipped with an integrated welding unit, which makes welding easy.

41200 Schweissung 600x338

Filling the big bags is done in a clean room. For hygienic reasons our customer does not want any pallets in this clean room, therefore the big bags are transported on mat-chain conveyor belts within the clean room and in the clean room sluice. After passing the clean room sluice the big bag is put on a plastic pallet by means of a transfer station.

The big bags are filled in a suspended position to reach a clean wrinkle-free filling of the big bag. In order to handle big bags with different heights on this system and to bring the big bag to the height of delivery position of the conveyor belts, the transport belt is equipped with a lifting device at the filling station. In order to make cleaning easy a height-adjustment made of belts is used. This suspension from above helps cleaning the floor around the filling station. This is not possible when using a scissor lifting-table.

41200 Hub 600x338

The mat chain conveyor belt at the filling station is equipped with a strong electric vibrator to level the angle of repose and to compact the product during filling process.

The installation was completely assembled and set to run at Vollenda-site, as we do with every machine. This way our customers can see the machine running with their product. The system leaves Vollenda with complete software. At customer’s site it is adapted to customer’s process and optimized during production.