Last year Vollenda-Werk GmbH received several orders from the powder-coating industry for processing critical products (finest powder!)

One challenge was to arrange parallel several systems in compact design, and each machine unit should fill in cartons with inliners as well as in big bags /barrels. The special feature of this design were the quickly changing of both parts of plant below the central product feed and to change the filling heads /filling spouts. The machines dock automatically so that one can simply change from big bags to cartons. The design of the system makes it easy to dismantle and clean the filling spouts. Furthermore an integrated maintenance platform gives access to the upper parts of the machine and can also be used for cleaning when changing products. Components which can be used in every system, such as control unit and dosing unit, make the system very cost-effective.

Another customer from the powder-coating industry requires moveable systems. Vollenda-Werk GmbH built a very compact, completely mobile system with running gear, incl. storage of prepared cartons and of full cartons. This system can easily be positioned and docked underneath various product feedings and the relevant product can be filled.

All of these filling plants were designed for operation in dust-explosive environment. Besides this, dust in the product room is evacuated in several positions of the system by an aspiration system. Some machines were equipped for the US-market according to US-standard.

In both systems the cartons are collected manually. They are pushed automatically below the filling place, there they are filled. After this automatic filling the cartons are cycled to the closing area. Here, the operator can close the bags manually. Roller conveyors are used as boxes accumulator

The dosing system has a very high dosing accuracy and guarantees an easy and quick access for cleaning

A large-scale control panel with a well-structured user-interface enables a convenient operation of the machine.

Installation and commissioning of the systems were, as always, done at Vollenda-Werk GmbH, so, our customer could already see function and operation of the machine. The system leaves site with a complete software. It was adapted to customer’s process locally and optimized during working process.

TigerMZ 40545 1 600x338

Combination filling system at the cardboard box filling


TigerMZ 40545 2 600x338

Combination filling system at the big bag filling


TigerMZ 40545 3 600x338

Combination filling system at the barrel filling



CWSMZ 40764 600x338

Movable filling machine for cardboard boxes