A particular challenge for Vollenda-Werk GmbH was an order in the field of swimming pool chemicals. A plant concept was requested to fill weight-accurateley different volumes both granules/pills in cans/buckets and liquid chlorien products in bottles/canisters.

Several filling places in compact design are arranged one after another for each application.

From a big bag discharge station (with glove handling for big bag connecting) the solid material is fed to the filling places via dosing unit with net weigher. The liquid product is filled via dosing unit with piston pumps.  After filling process the containers are automatically capped/screwed, controlled by a checkweigher with discharge device (containers with incorrect weights are sorted out) and then the containers are finally labelled.  Shared components such as control system and conveyor technology make the filling line very economic. Later on the capacity can be increased by additional filling places.

 A very high demand was made on product-guiding parts and parts in contact with product. They have to be resistant to aggressive chlorine substances what at last concerns the whole filling line.

For liquid filling the entire product feed and all filling places are executed for operation in gas-explosive environment. The complete filling line is encased, but is equipped with large access doors for retrofitting and maintenance. Good accessibility and flushing systems guarantee a quick and efficient cleaning.

Installation and commissiong of the filling line is, as always, done at Vollenda-Werk GmbH, so, our customer could already see function and operation of the machine at our site. The system leaves our site with a complete sofware. It was adapted to customer's process locally and optimized during working process.

Steinbach 600x480

Combined filling line


 IMG 4786 Kopie

Bulk filling


IMG 4813 Kopie

Liquid filling