Once again, the company Vollenda built a FFS machine for particularly critical products. The challenge was to fit the machine into the limited space and to provide a system that contains the toxic product as good as possible in order to minimise dust generation and keep a healthy work environment for the operators.  In addition the bags from the machine had to be certified to carry hazardous products.  The machine was therefore with a special seal to avoid contamination with product even in the gusset on top of the seals.  We were able to convince our customers with a concept using a special FFS machine (flat foil) in combination with a loss in weight auger dosing system.

The dosing system ensures high accuracy (Abzugswägesystem) while the system was designed to be cleaned easily with retractable auger swiveling filling spout and a large cleaning door for the prehopper.  The plant is designed to handle a particularly robust foil. The sealing of the foil guarantees a secure closure and prevents contamination of the bag. In addition, dust is extracted from the dosing system as well as the forming tube with an aspiration system.  The air removal before sealing is so efficient that bags can palletised despite being sealed airtight.

Due to the special requirements of the product the system is produced in stainless steel.  A well-structured user interface offers a comfortable control of the system to the operator. The plant was -as almost all machines from Vollenda-Werk GmbH- completely assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment.  Therefore our customers have the opportunity to see the system working with product before it is installed in their premises. The tested system leaves our factory and generally only needs minor software adjustments to go into operation after training on site. Vollenda offers both FFS machines types -systems for flat and tubular foil.  Which one is used depends on the customer requirements.

 40249 Solvay VFFS 4 600x752

FFS in stainless steel for hazardous products


40249 Solvay VFFS 3 600x338

Flat foil roll for FFS